Advantages of a Commercial Roof Inspection


A commercial roof inspection is an invaluable tool for assessing its current condition and this simple bit of maintenance can add years to the life of your property. 

With roofs being exposed on every side, they are constantly in contact with outside elements- which means that if not maintained properly there could be thousands at stake!

Fortunately, the days of having to climb onto your roof to do an inspection are long gone- thanks to advances in technology and special equipment. Let’s look at how a commercial roof inspection can improve the life of your roofing system.

What is a Commercial Roof Inspection?

A commercial roof inspection is an examination of a company’s roofs to determine if they are in good condition. This assessment usually includes examining the structure, insulation, and membrane materials all with regards to their quality as well.

After the visual inspection has been conducted by professionals who have expertise on this topic; a detailed roof inspection report will be given to the building owners and retained by the commercial roofing contractor which provides recommendations about the next steps based on findings from interviews or core samples taken during testing procedures like sending them out into other labs where experts can conduct analysis themselves without bias.

What types of roofs need inspections?

Short answer – all roofs.

Longer answer – Anyone who wants to have a thorough understanding of their roof should consider calling in a commercial roof inspection company. However, there are some types of roofs that tend to experience more issues- leading them to require more frequent inspections. Some of these include:

  •  Metal roofs that have been known to rust over time due to the metal being exposed on all sides
  •  Asphalt shingles which can crack and lose their granules after years of exposure
  •  Roofs with steep angles such as those found on mansions or barns
  •  Older roofs (typical life span is 20-30 years)

Why should you do a Commercial Roof Inspection?

Aside from ensuring your property is up-to-code, a commercial roof inspection is also an excellent opportunity to have someone other than yourself give your roof an unbiased opinion. This can allow you to feel confident that if any repairs are deemed necessary, you’ll know exactly what the issues are- allowing you to rest easy knowing that your business’s safety hasn’t been compromised.

Identify Problems Before They Get Worse

A professional team of inspectors will be able to identify problems that you may not have noticed- such as loose shingles, cracks, and worn-out flashings. These are only a few of the problems that could damage your roof system- especially if they go ignored for an extended period.

Commercial roofing inspection will also help you to prioritize which repairs should first take place. Problems with the flashing around skylights for instance should be taken care of immediately before they become worse and cause further damage!

Prevent Damage

Damage to your roof is usually identified by standing water and water stains, however, usually a leak starts silently and is caused by rainscreen which results in roof penetrations. Rainscreen is essentially what you see on panels between two layers of glass or other material used as roof surfaces to protect itself from wind erosion. If this becomes damaged, water can get into crawl spaces and cause a roof leak potentially resulting in the need for an entire roof replacement. Commercial roofs are not cheap which is why proper maintenance and regular commercial roof inspections are a cost-effective solution to keeping your building’s roof in top condition. Routine inspections can help you to avoid this kind of costly damage by identifying any problems before they become serious and requiring expensive repairs!

Avoid Risk to Occupants

Since a commercial roof inspection is conducted from the safety and comfort of the ground, it’s possible for inspectors to view where sagging occurs and other situations that could pose risk to occupants. This is important because these problems will only worsen over time and should be taken care of immediately.

By taking steps now to prolong your roof life with a commercial roof inspection, you can prevent loss that would otherwise need repairing anyway- leaving more funds for other business expenses such as payroll! That’s why many businesses look forward to having an exterior inspection carried out on their properties on a regular basis.

What do Experts Look for During a Roof Inspection?

Wall and roof deck inspection

This area of the roof is an often-forgotten part that holds up the roofing system. These areas may require remediation to avoid further damage and leakage. A professional roof inspector will let you know about any signs of damage, wear, or aging that may compromise the effectiveness.

Metal flashings

Metal roofing is a great way to keep your home protected from the elements, but it can be difficult when you’re trying to prevent leaks. If the metal flashing is not properly installed, then they may expand or contract unevenly due and corrosion issues will develop which could lead to water damage in both new construction as well as older roofs with this type of material used on them over time.

Valley Flashing

One of the highest risk areas when it comes to roof inspections is along the valley where two roof slopes connect. These areas collect much more water than other parts of the roof because they act as drains that allow water to run down into gutters. This area should also be checked regularly by commercial roofing companies to ensure that adequate materials were used in construction, all elements are in place and there is no leakage or moisture damage developing over time- which could result in costly repairs!

Expansion Joints

Commercial roofing is all about the expansion joints. These important pieces of hardware keep your building’s structure from buckling or cracking because of thermal changes. To make sure these joints are working properly, a professional will check them for deterioration and instability.

Roof Drainage System Inspection

This is yet another important part of any commercial exterior inspection due to their propensity to get damaged by debris and windstorms. The drainage system should be inspected for cracks, holes and other damage that could lead to problems like ponding or leakage later down the road.

Indoor Inspection

You should look at the inside of your building, too. Indicators that there may have been water leaks include dark rings around where it’s coming from and signs like damp walls or ceilings due to missing insulation near windows/doors with open weather stripping on them (a must for ventilation).

Insulation & Ventilation Inspection

Knowing the condition of your insulation is important to keeping your business’s heating and cooling costs down. Make sure that it is clean, dry, not damp, or moldy- especially if you notice dark areas on the ice dam on top of your roof. Also, check ventilation systems to ensure that they are not blocked by debris or snow- allowing them to do their jobs properly can reduce energy bills over time!

Exterior Inspection

Professional inspections also cover chimneys, skylights, and ventilation ducts for signs of damage as well; these features provide heat with proper airflow which could be compromised if inspection identifies cracks, leaks, or damage anywhere along the way. Therefore it’s vital that all commercial exterior elements like guttering, downspouts, and vents are properly maintained in order to avoid future problems.


The purpose of a roof inspection is to make sure that the structure is not compromised from water or wind damage before it becomes serious enough for you or your staff to notice. They can help you catch small issues early on with preventative maintenance rather than having a sudden emergency arise when it’s too late.

Repairing and then maintaining your commercial roof is a win-win situation. You’ll save thousands in repairs tomorrow while saving yourself hundreds of dollars with routine exterior inspections today! No one wants to see their roof fail after the age of 20 years, but without proper maintenance, this can happen very easily.

It’s not worth taking any risks when it comes to your business’ roof- protect it today with a professional exterior inspection
from Royal American Services. We are experts when it comes to commercial roofs and all types of roofing systems.

The list of advantages goes on and on. If there is any hesitancy for getting an inspection done – just remember that if you call us, we will give you a free onsite roof inspection ASAP!

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