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Houston Weather, wind storms, and hurricane season – many people are not prepared for hurricane damage. You can save yourself from the stress of hurricane repairs by storm proofing your commercial roof with hurricane clips and straps! At RAS we offer a wide selection of hurricane protection products that will keep you safe and sound during hurricane season. Contact us today to get started on saving your home or business before it’s too late!

In this article, we will discuss different options for protecting your roof during the wild Houston weather and hurricanes. We have all heard about or seen firsthand how devastating hurricane season can be. What you may not know is that there are a variety of ways for storm-proofing a commercial roof in order to protect it from hurricane damage – an important consideration if you own or manage any property with a flat roof!

The best way to determine which hurricane protection products are right for your commercial building is by calling RAS today! Our experts can answer any questions regarding hurricane clips and straps plus provide additional insight into our other services such as repair work during hurricane season and any related issues like flooding and broken HVAC systems.

Hurricane Straps and Hurricane Clips

The leading products to help protect and prepare your roof for hurricane season are hurricane straps and hurricane clips. These are used to protect your commercial building from hurricane damage – which is why RAS has become one of the leading experts in our industry here in Houston, TX! Hurricane protection products like hurricane straps for roofs can be installed by either bolting or welding them into place on top of an existing roof’s surface. We will explore many benefits of using hurricane protection tools such as this including prevention against high winds, debris damage caused by wind gusts, rain leakage around poorly sealed roofing materials (a common problem with flat roofs), and more. Let us help you save money while protecting your property during severe weather events that occur on a regular basis here in Houston, Texas.

Hurricane Straps and hurricane clips can be used for residential roofs as well. They are a great solution to use when installing gutters around your roof’s perimeter is not an option or practical. Hurricane straps also provide some resistance against wind-borne debris while protecting the integrity of your roofing system during hurricane season.

The most common application of hurricane protection products like these on commercial buildings involves bolting them onto elevated structures, pipes, vents, AC units, etc., in order to help prevent any damage caused by high winds that may otherwise compromise their structural support systems – resulting in costly repairs having to take place later down the road if they were left unprotected! This particular type of storm proofing will ensure that no gaps exist between panels which could cause leakage or other related problems.

One of the many benefits hurricane clips provide is that they are easy to install and remove if necessary during hurricane season, unlike hurricane straps which must be bolted into place using a wrench for this purpose.

Can Hurricane Straps and Hurricane Clips be used on all roof types?

Yes, hurricane straps and hurricane clips can be used on just about any roof type including flat roofs. They are particularly useful for commercial buildings with metal roofs as well as those that have a low profile structure because the hurricane strap or clip will lay flatter than other types of storm proofing products like rubber seals which tend to stretch across the raised edges – something we see quite often here in Houston!

How much do Hurricane Straps and Hurricane Clips cost?

There are many hurricane protection products available for purchase at RAS, but hurricane straps and hurricane clips can be purchased in different sizes depending on your needs. A good rule of thumb to follow is that the longer the strap or clip you choose, the more it will cost – although these prices vary according to size.

Hurricane straps come with a wide range of price points while hurricane clips tend to run higher due to their popularity among commercial buildings experiencing extreme weather events here in Houston! Hurricane season here in Houston is typically throughout the fall and winter months. As such, a good piece of advice is to go ahead and have these purchases lined up during early spring when the demand for these products isn’t as strong. For more detailed information on pricing, we will need to come out and walk your roof during a free on-site inspection.

How long Does it Take to Install Hurricane Straps?

The length of time hurricane straps take to install depends on the size chosen and how many you need. Most individuals can expect hurricane straps to be installed within an hour, but larger commercial roofs with hurricane clips will require more than one installer due to their weight – especially in high wind areas! If your building is in a flood zone or near heavy trees/debris fields that could damage your roof’s structural support system during severe weather conditions, it may be beneficial for us to perform hurricane strap installations after business hours when there are less people out and about.

Which are better Hurricane Straps or Hurricane Clips?

According to studies conducted by our team here at RAS Roofing Systems (Houston), hurricane protection products like these typically hold up well against hurricane-force winds (see below).

  • Hurricane Straps: up to 120 mph
  • Hurricane Clips: up to 150+ mph

However, we always recommend that you consult with your insurance company or roofing contractor about these numbers and their applicability for the specific type of building where hurricane protection products like these will be applied. Our team here at RAS Roofing Systems can provide additional information on this subject matter if necessary! The best way to go ahead and protect any commercial building from high wind damage due to hurricane season is by making sure that it’s strong enough structurally speaking in order to withstand hurricane forces while also ensuring there are no gaps between panels that could allow water leakage aside from simply applying hurricane straps/clips – a great storm proofing product in addition to hurricane clips.

How often should hurricane straps be inspected?

Typically, hurricane straps are designed for between five and ten years depending on the brand you choose. Most of our clients with metal roofs here at RAS Roofing Systems use a combination of both products. Houston opts for hurricane straps that come with a ten-year replacement warranty, but hurricane clips tend to last between three and five years. We recommend making sure you inspect your hurricane protection products once every month during hurricane season in order to make sure they are still intact – especially if there is any cracking or rusting of the metal found on these items!


It’s important for commercial buildings here in Houston during hurricane season to have strong roof systems just like when severe weather conditions occur outside of the hurricane season time frame as well. At RAS Roofing Systems, we offer high quality storm proofing products such as hurricane straps/clips at reasonable prices throughout the Greater Houston area so call our office today!

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