Metal Roofs

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Metal Roofing

For commercial buildings, metal roofing is one of the most popular commercial roof choices available today. This type of building material provides decades of long-term performance when installed properly. Some systems can last 100 years (although most last between 40 to 60 years). RAS has been a local metal roofing expert in Houston TX for over 38 years.

Another main reason they are so popular is due to the color availability and material options. Royal American can design and build your metals roofs exactly to your specifications. There are several different types of metal roofs available, and some even come with integrated solar or snow removal systems. Most of our metals roofs are made of the following materials:
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum, zinc, and tin
  • Tile sheets
  • Copper
Aluminum coated or stainless steel metal roofs can have an attractive finished look as well as strong fire resistance ratings which makes them stronger than many other options. The downside however would be that they are susceptible to corrosion due to contact with water often, however, there are many coating options we can apply to mitigate this risk. Metal roofs are used on a variety of different types and sizes for both commercial and residential properties. Common applications include warehouses, churches, schools or offices in industrial/manufacturing plants to shopping centers or resorts with many hospitality options like hotels & motels along with community facilities such as farms, auto shops aircraft hangars breweries casinos fitness center etc.

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